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Less staples in the rails and slate backing will actually prolong the life of your table.  We use superior materials and methods when recovering your pool table so you get the best play and durability out of your new cloth.  We supply the materials so you don't have to shop around and we can guarantee the quality.  We use only the best quality brands of cloth like Championship and Simonis.  No knock-offs or cheap imitations here.

Whether we are moving your pool table, or just replacing the old, worn out cloth, we will check the slate seams and adjust level when necessary so we leave you with your table looking and playing at its best.

We have a ton of colors available, so we can match your decor or theme.  We can even two-tone the rails and bed to match your favorite team's colors.  Check out the color choices below:

Is your table no longer rolling straight? Can you feel the seams between the pieces of slate?  We can check and adjust the level of your table to get it back playing as good as possible. We use very accurate machinist levels that read the tiniest changes in level so we can get your table rolling great.  No more home field advantage or house rolls!

We offer many other professional specialty services for your pool table, including:

Tear-downs, slate crating, dolly moving or removal for flooring installation, fire or flood restoration removal, repair or replacement of worn or damaged components, table appraisals and quality/condition evaluations, and even custom modifications to change pocket and rail specifications for tougher or easier playing conditions.

If you have any questions about our services, please call (937) 609-2049 or submit an information request on our Contact Us page.

Cloth old and worn out?  Tired of the color on your table?  Does your cloth look like these?

Replacing rail rubber can be a tedious and labor intensive process. Most small local companies don't possess the proper tooling to do a good job when replacing rubber.  If someone tells you they can replace your rail rubber in your home, you should consider asking if they have pictures of their work. Because every manufacturer uses different specifications for pocket opening size and angle, new rail rubber always comes longer than the rail and needs to be cut down to the proper fit.  Our local competition will cut the rubber as close as they can with a knife.  We go a step further and sand the end of the rubber perfectly flush to ensure a good finish and consistent angles from rail to rail.  Because of the dust generated during this process, and the fumes from the very strong industrial glue we use to mount the rubber to the rail, we chose to replace rubber in our shop instead of in your home for the best results. Again, question anyone who chooses do do this in your home.

The tooling we use also allows us to fine-tune or modify these factory specifications to your liking.  We can add rail extensions to tighten your pockets for tougher, more competitive play, or we can open up the pocket size for looser, more casual play.

Let us do it right.  Now don't these look much better?

Want to know how to move your pool table with just one hand? Easy! Pick up the phone and call Absolute Billiard Service!

All joking aside, bad things can happen if you try to move your table yourself.  Pool tables are extremely heavy and not meant to be moved assembled.  We are fully insured and very experienced in the correct ways to move pool tables.  We will properly disassemble, transport, and assemble your table.  We cover a very large service area, so chances are, you are within our coverage area.  Give us a call at (937) 609-2049, or visit our Contact page to submit a quote request.  Please be ready to provide the brand and size of the table, and condition of the cloth and rubber for a more accurate quote.

We are one of the few companies that can move 1-piece slate tables!