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Please take a few minutes to gather some key information before completing our contact form.

1)  Brand and model of your table - Most major manufacturers will put their name brand on one of the end rails of the table.  This will help us determine the next piece of information, which is:

2)  How many pieces of slate does your table have?  Most furniture style home tables will be 3-piece slate tables.  Coin tables, some commercial tables, and some less common home tables will be 1-piece slate tables.  If you are unsure how many pieces your tables has, the name brand will help us determine that.

3) What size is your table?  We are interested in the playing surface size, so if you don't know the size of your table, simple measure the width of the playing surface from point to point across the tip of the rails.  (Just where the ball hits.)  Common sizes will be as follows:

7' - 39.5" x 79" or 40" x 80"

8' - 44" x 88"

8' Oversized (Pro 8') - 46" x 92"

9' - 50" x 100"

4) Cloth condition.  When moving a table, cloth in good condition can often be reused.  If it is worn, or you want to change colors, we do discount cloth while moving a table, since the table is already apart with the cloth off.

5) Rubber condition.  Rubber that is too stiff or deformed may need replaced.  When rubber is replaced, the cloth also needs replaced, so this can lead to unexpected expense.  If you're not sure the condition of the rubber, give us a call and we'll step you through what to look for.