The best way to brush your pool table is all one direction.  This will go with the grain and keep the nap of the cloth uniform.  You can also use a small handheld vacuum or a brush attachment to pick up any abrasive chalk dust that has settled onto the slate.  However, a motorized brush or beater bar will damage woolen cloth.  A lint roller will also work to pick up pet hair or small debris, and is safe to use.

Not always.  Depending on the age and condition, the cloth can usually be reused if it has been removed carefully and has not been re-stretched too many times.  Be aware that any nicks or small tears in the cloth will get slightly larger and more noticeable when the cloth is re-stretched onto the slate.  Keep in mind, Absolute Billiard Service does discount the price of new cloth if we replace it while are already at your location with the table already apart to move it. If the cloth is worn, or even if you just want to change the color, it will save you money to do so while moving the table vs a separate trip later after the table is assembled.

Taken from the BCA (Billiard Congress of America) specifications website:

How high should I hang a light above the pool table?

Service times can vary widely depending on the brand, model, and condition of your pool table.  Typically allow about an hour or more to tear down and load a table, 2-3 hours to install a table with the rails already covered, an additional hour or more to replace the cloth, or 2-3 hours to recover a table that is already assembled.  At Absolute Billiard Service, we do take pride in making sure we do a quality job on every pool table we service.  Please understand that we coordinate our schedule in a way that allows us to finish the job without rushing or taking shortcuts.

Does the cloth need to be replaced when moving a pool table?

Can a pool table be moved without taking it apart?

In most cases, NO!  DON'T DO IT!  This is the easiest way to do damage to your 3-piece slate table.  The only exceptions are some 1-piece slate commercial or coin-op tables that are designed for ground-floor-only installation.  To avoid damage to your pool table or your property, or personal injury, always consult a professional to properly disassemble and move your table.  In many cases we've seen, it costs more to repair damage done by not properly moving a table than it would have cost to hire someone to move it.

How long will my cloth last?

How long does it take to... ?

What size room do I need for my pool table to fit?

To simplify this chart, as a general rule, you want 5' on every size of your table to be able to play comfortably with a full length (57") pool cue.  So for example, if you have a 4'x8' table, you will want at least a 14'x18' room to play without hitting the walls with your stick when the cue ball is close to the rail.

How long should my rail rubber last?

A typical 8' furniture style slate pool table weighs about 750-850 pounds.  Each piece of slate normally weighs between 150-250 depending on the size of the table and the thickness of the slate.

How do I brush my pool table?

A pool table can be put on an upper level, but be aware that, depending on the structure under the floor, you may experience some movement in the level of the table, or the slate seams.  Any "bounce" in the floor can cause flex and movement in the frame of the table.  As long as the floor is up to code, there should be no risk of the table falling through the floor, but it may be recommended that the floor be reinforced to eliminate any movement.

If the pool table is used daily for 4-6 hours, you can expect your cloth to last about 2-3 years, depending on the grade and quality of the cloth.  You may chose to change the cloth color long before it is worn out.  You can prolong the life of your cloth by brushing your table regularly.  Using a small handheld vacuum (without a beater bar - suction only) is good to remove any chalk that settles into the cloth.  Keeping your table covered when not in use is the best way to protect it from fading from sunlight, and from pet hair or other debris.

There should be 32-36" between the playing surface and the bottom of the light shade.  You may need to adjust slightly depending on the level of the table and the wattage of the bulbs.  You want to raise the light to a height that allows the light to spread all the way to the rails.

Generally 20-25 years although some cushion rubber lasts longer, and some will go bad sooner.  If the pool table has seen direct sunlight, rubber life will be greatly reduced.  We have also seen pool tables less than five years old that already have dead rails.  It is unusual, but does happen.  You can check the condition of your rubber by rolling a ball at medium speed into the rail.  Dead rubber will give a telltale thump and kill the speed of the ball rebounding off of the rail.  Good rails should be quiet and lively.

Can I put a pool table upstairs?

How much does a pool table weigh?

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